We are working to stop the TCA from building the 241 Toll Road through South Orange County. Our goal is to disband the TCA.

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South Orange County Mobility Solutions

When people ask" What is the solution to South Orange County Mobility the Answer is this: Complete Long Planned Arterials, if and when needed; complete new planned arterials on RMV (including keeping Los Patrones free), complete planned improvement to I-5 in South Orange County and limited additional 1-5 improvements if, when and where needed; and make the existing toll roads Free as soon as possible like the TCA promised originally.

OCTA Action Email

Date has changed to December 14th

Please take the time to fill out this form and email the OCTA let them know we need to ask them not to allow the TCA to continue. We need the stop supporting the TCA and dissolve them. The OCTA Legislative and Communications Committee Meeting is 11/16/17. Please tell them No more support of TCA!