July 31st 2017 Action Item

Double Action Item Today 1st Please click here and send this Legislation Action Item Contact Form It is a one click super easy https://notmytollroad.com/…/c…/legislative-action-item-form/… . 2nd Please take a moment to share your thoughts with Darrell Issa Share with him that San Clemente does not want ANY of the proposed alignments old or new. We do […]

July 30th 2017 Action Plan

Action Plan Reach out to the Sierra Club Orange County Chapter to help me save the beautiful trees at San Clemente High School Upper Campus, especially the pine trees that are huge and flourishing. Ask them to help the beautiful trees and wildlife in Rancho MIssion Viejo, Ladera Ranch and San Juan Capistrano. Ask them […]

July 29th 2017 Action Plan

Action Plan Please take time to read the settlement agreement between the Save San Onofre Coaltion and the TCA. Settlement_Agreement https://www.thetollroads.com/sites/default/files/pdf/Settlement_Agreement.pdf It is also under documents on https://notmytollroad.com/files/ What does the settlement agreement does? 1) Creates a no go ZONE for any type of construction Highway, TollWay, pretty much everything east of Pico, all the […]

July 27 2017 Action Plan

Action Plan: Have you educated a neighbor, sent a letter or made a phone call today? We have flyers/and documents to review and print out under https://notmytollroad.com/files/ Print out these flyers today and hand them to your neighbors

July 25 Action Plan

Action Plan No Toll Roads through San Onofre, San Clemente, Ladera Ranch, San Juan Capistrano or Rancho Mission Viejo! Fill out this form on this think to tell Congressman Issa to Drop Plans For a Road through San Onofre State Beach. https://secured.surfrider.org/action/engagement?actionId=AR0010563 For 15 years, Surfrider Foundation, along with the Save San Onofre Coalition (SSOC), […]

July 23 Action Plan

Action Item: Please send an email to Apple Maps at AppleMapsVehicles@apple.com to let them know that La Pata needs to be included in their maps ASAP and that the TCA plans to destroy SC parks, homes, two watersheds and endangered animals. Also report it to TomTom  apparently that’s where Apple gets its maps. Here’s what […]

July 22 Action Plan

Action Plan Write a Anti-Toll letter to the OC Register at letters@ocregister.com Almost all the letter being written are pro-toll road from cities that are not directly affected. Take a few minutes and write a letter today! Here are some tips on how to Write Letters to the Editor that Really Get Attention How to […]

July 21 Action Plan

Action plan Donate to stop the Toll Road, all money donated to Coalition to Save San Clemente (FPPC# 1396662) is used help fund the legal team to stop the Toll Road through South Orange County. We will win this! #unitedwestand Any amount will help! Visit CoalitiontoSaveSanClemente.com

July 20, 2017 Action Plan

Action Plan: Take just a few minutes and fill out Congressman Darrel Issa’s constituent survey and tell him you don’t want a Toll Road in South Orange County! https://issa.house.gov/issue-survey One of the options is stopping the Toll Road. Please take time to fill it out.