November 18th Action Plan

Action Item: For complaints about the TCA or elected officials and issues that need investigation Please submit your complaint in writing to the OCDA at the following address, and someone will be assigned to review it: Orange County District Attorney Special Prosecutions Unit 401 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, Ca 92701

November 17th Action Plan

Action Plan Can you take a moment and fill out this Cal Trans District 12 survey? Their hands are as dirty as the TCA’s in ths nightmare! Read below what I put in the comment section. (you can only take survey once per browser) In the comment section you can leave something like this […]

November 16th Action Item

Immediate Action Item Please click on this link to send the letter to the OCTA Committee members…/octa-action-email-no-support-tca Subject Line: OCTA Legislative and Communications Committee Meeting 11/16/17. No more support of TCA. Dear OCTA Committee members, I am aware that Barbie Daly from the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) is coming to make a comment about […]

November 14th Action Plan

Action Plan: Please take  the time to fill out this form and email the OCTA let them know we need to ask them not to allow the TCA to continue. We need the stop supporting the TCA and dissolve them. The OCTA Legislative and Communications Committee Meeting is 11/16/17. Please tell them No more support […]