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These are some PDF and Word document files, flyers,and presentations for reference and for your use. Feel free to download, share and distribute. Please share with others to bring awareness to this issue. More added daily, check back frequently.


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Toll Road Map with School Sites


Ladera Ranch Toll Road Option #9 Photo

Boundaries of 6 Regional Watershed covering the project area



Not One More Inch – NO 241 Toll Road Extension Flyer

Not My Toll Road in South Orange County Flyer

Not My Toll Road in South Orange County Flyer



No Toll Road in San Clemente Flyer – English

No Toll Roads in San Clemente – Spanish

SC Business NO TOLL ROAD.pdf

Toll Road Flyer PTSA 5.8.17

Toll Road Flyer HOA 5.8.17

no toll road packet


The Reserve Press Release 7/28/17

From 2016 to 2017, the TCA and Caltrans secretly negotiated and executed agreements that created a several square mile “no go” zone for the construction of the SR 241, effectively guaranteeing that the TCA would seek to construct the toll road directly through the established communityof San Clemente

Please use this letter to send to elected officials if you chose.
It contains our Rebuttal to the claims made by the TCA that a Toll Road is necessary.


TCA Bonds

Toll Road TCA Bonds

Reference guide to most Acronyms used in Toll Road Documents

 Acronyms EIR

From TCA Website ( it is very disturbing if you read 2nd image Bottom Line)


Proof- TCA committed fraud- the original EIR named Tesoro High School as the only “Sensitive receptor” in the Ranch. When they filed the final EIR they stated that there were NO Sensitive Receptors- the new EIR moved the road 800′ closer to the school than originally planned and the attorney for CUSD confirmed that the Road is being graded within Tesoro High School Boundaries. These people should go to jail. Including CUSD.

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publicinputform Orange County Grand Jury Public Concern

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publicinputform Orange County Grand Jury Public Concern

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2011 Economical Impact Study


HOA Resolution Sample


2120383-0 Recipient Committee Campaign Statement


TCA Issue Update

TCA Issue Update 5-15-17

Resolution Toll Rd EXT Tom_s


Lisa Bartlett Form 460 7.1.16 – 12.31.16

Can someone please explain how a marketing PR firm is getting over 3 Million dollars fom the TCA Toll Roads?


Sharing from Vonne Barnes – please look at the TCA renderings they are horrifying “The following visuals are from the TCA’s 2004-2005 Environmental Impact Report(s).
These slides will be presented at the TCA Board Meeting, August 10, 2017 during Public Comment.
In the event the TCA board does not allow the slides to be shown, Tom & Vonne Barnes will provide a “storyboard” presentation.”

Mock Ups 2 Toll PPT & caps 1-17

Mock up and what it potentially might look like _ please remember this is almost 100 feet wide and 30 feet in the air _ URGG Shame on the TCA (2)