What’s Next?

What's Next

If the TCA is allowed to slash a monstrous toll road through San Clemente ….whats next?

– Double decking Camino Capistrano to relieve congestion through San Juan Capistrano especially on weekends !?!?

– A new toll bridge over Dana Point harbor to make it easier for folks to to avoid the weekend congestion of the harbor and get to the 5 fwy faster!?!?

– Adding a Toll Road in the Great Park Area of Irvine to help the constant grid lock on the 5 and the 133 !?!?

– Running an inter-coastal type toll to through Lake Mission Viejo to help make them less of as current Mayor and Mayor pro-Temp Ed Sachs referred to as them being “ground zero” for congestion in south county !?!?

– ‘Taking’ Open Space in Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel to add more ‘ mobility and congestion relieve since the TCA projects huge population growth and overwhelming congestion in OC’s future !?!?

Go share these little what ifs hypothetical visualizations with your friends and people you know who are thinking they are safe and its only San Clemente that ever would be in danger!

If the TCA is allowed to set this precedence in San Clemente by running a toll road through established neighborhoods with value of homes over 3/4 of a million as a minimum NO WHERE in OC, IE or SD is safe!

Join us to SAY NO new Toll Road in South Orange County! Disband the TCA!

TCA Board Meeting August 10th 2017

TCA Renderings of proposed 241 Toll Road Extension routes

The Next time someone tells you the Toll Roads won’t be that bad, slap them and then show them these photos

Photos of the City Council meeting by Gail Elizabeth

Ocean Festival July 15-16 2017

20 Logical reasons why we don’t need a Toll Road

TCA Public Forum June 5th 2017

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PSOMAS Toll Road Mockups from 2002-2003

Proposed Toll Road Mockups created by our talented concerned citizens

Would you want San Clemente to have these ugly Concrete Jungles through them, or through our hiking trails or by our childrens schools or parks? We didn’t think so! To Get Involved or Learn More Click Here.

Our Beautiful South Orange County hills and Wildlife

We have beautiful open spaces for hiking and slowing time down. Would you want to see a toll road running through this beautiful open space? Neither do we! To Get Involved or Learn More Click Here.

The Toll Road Routes and Plans

Here are the The Toll Route Plans and Area Maps and Reports. To stop thins go to Get Involved or to  Learn More Click Here.