Cancel your Toll Road Account

The toll road makes millions of dollars a month on all the accounts that have a transponder. Millions. You are being charged $2 a month for that. They are getting ready to celebrate their 2 millionth customer soon. They are going by the number of accounts they have. Don’t let them get to that 2 million accounts. Cancel your account if you are not using the roads and return your transponder.

Canceling your Toll Road Account is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Go to

Enter your email and fasTrak number (on your statement).

Choose ‘account information‘ menu,

Then ‘close account‘ on the left navigation bar.


Mail back your Transponder to:

The Toll Roads

PO Box 57011

Irvine, CA 92619-7011

Make sure to mail it back in an envelope that includes a tracking number. They will send you a prepaid envelope too.