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Fill out this form on this page and it will send the email to our Senators to ask to stop the 241 extension. The email is based on preventing any Toll Route coming through South Orange County (Proposed Routes #9, #18, #13, #14 and #17)

I am asking for you to sponsor legislation to ensure the following:

That there will be no toll road constructed within 1,500 feet of schools.

That the powers of eminent domain be stripped from the TCA.

That the TCA cannot build through already-mitigated land. This is clear violation of property rights. Mitigation land that OC developers paid handsomely for protect quality of life and aesthetics and cannot be re-mitigated. This would set a terrible precedent for Orange County.

No toll road can be built if the citizens have voted against the road.

"Form of Protective Legislation" for San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Unincorporated area of Rancho Mission Viejo and Ladera Ranch:

"Section 66484.4 is added to the Government Code to read:

Section 66484.4. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, a joint powers agency empowered under Government Code section 66484.3 shall have no authority to construct, fund or operate a major thoroughfare within the Cities of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Unincorporated area of Rancho Mission Viejo and Ladera Ranch which: (1) impacts land designated as open space in the General Plan; (2) impacts lands previously reserved to mitigate impacts to threatened or endangered species; (3) impacts lands otherwise inhabited by threatened or endangered species; (4) requires the condemnation of existing residences or businesses for public rights-of-way; (5) impacts views of the Pacific Ocean or open space from any residence or business; or (6) increases traffic impacts on local streets."

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter. All of South Orange County is being terrorized by this agency—our homes, schools, parks, and open space are all endangered by TCA’s utter disregard. Building a toll road through already-developed neighborhoods would cause great harm to our quality of life and decrease our home values significantly. Additionally, there is much documentation of the ill health effects to children who go to school under freeways.

What’s more, the TCA has not allowed the required public input for this process. They have not been transparent, refused to answer questions concerning the project, and have irresponsibly spent millions of dollars (including our tax dollars) on consultants instead of doing their jobs. They waste additional monies on advertising to create the impression that these routes are needed. Sadly, the TCA has not conducted ANY traffic studies to demonstrate a need, and ignore the fact that they would be building a destructive road to a NEW traffic jam.

We ask that you facilitate this legislation and force this out-of-control agency—that’s wasting so many of our tax dollars—to stop terrorizing our communities.

Thank you.


Call and Write letters of opposition to further TCA routes to these people everyday.

Darrel Issa’s office

760) 599-5000
(202) 225-3906

Lisa Bartlett


Patt Bates


Senator’s Aides:
Senator’s Aides:
Bill Brough
(949) 347-7301
Mike Kraman
Jeff Bott
Senior Public Affairs Rep, Toll Roads
Ed Sachs
Foothill / Eastern TCA Board Chairman
San Clemente Chamber of Commerce
Amy Hanacek
Trustee, Capistrano Unified School District
Todd Nicholson
(714) 713-1095
San Clemente City Council
Foothill/Eastern TCA board members
Chrstina Shea:
Jose Moreno:
Lisa Bartlett:
Todd Spitzer:
Shawn Nelson:
Joseph Muller:
Scott Voigts:
Mark Murphy:
Anthony Beall:
Kathy Ward:
Brian Maryott:
Sal Tinajero:
Chuck Puckett:
Peggy Huang:
Ryan Chamberlain:

Michael Kraman, CEO The Toll Roads –
Jeff Corless, Spokesperson/Venture Strategic –

F/ETCA Board of Directors (as of February 2017)
Ed Sachs, Chair –
Christina Shea, Vice Chair –
Jose Moreno –
Lisa Bartlett –
Todd Spitzer –
Shawn Nelson –
Joe Muller –
Scott Voigts –
Mark Murphy –
Anthony Beall –
Kathy Ward –
Brian Maryott –
Sal Tinajero –
Chuck Puckett –
Peggy Huang –

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On parent actually called Satinder Verma with the County and he said that when he gets my e-mail (which has bounced back twice) that it will cause a TEMPORARY STOP WORK NOTICE or a TEMPORARY CORRECT WORK NOTICE. The e-mail finally went through – the corrected e-mail is

Grouped Emails:

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Set 2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sample Email:

I am writing in opposition to the Toll Road cutting through any part of San Clemente and South Orange County. This is a terrible idea that will further divide San Clemente which already has I5 going through it. The health hazards, noise pollution, light pollution, soil instability during the
construction as many of our homes are built on filled land will be catastrophic for San Clemente. San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point and Ladera Ranch. Any of the proposed routes will have devastating effects on the premier neighborhoods in these cities.We value open space and preservation of the small town feel that we have worked so hard to preserve. Kindly convey to the TCA Board that San Clemente is united in opposing this Toll Road through any part of town. Consider arterial routes like extending La Pata to Cristianitos or the Beltway option proposed by the city of San Clemente.