Civil Rights Violated at June 5th Forum meeting

Civil rights infringements TCA Forum 3 process: various conditions imposed by TCA to participate, forced removal of items of clothing or accessories, seizure of personal items like papers, notecards, etc., searches of personal property often without consent, threats of denied participation or police enforcement, those denied Public Forum access were left to comment alone to video or court reporter but even that free speech was stifled by inappropriate “Release” TCA required public to sign- giving “fine print” authority to TCA to “modify” and manipulate public opinions captured as they choose. (Many walked away when seeing the fine print, their speech denied) These and other TCA behaviors can and should be Civil Rights Violations complaints.


If you attended the June 5th meeting or have attended TCA Board Meetings or other cities city council meetings and had one of the following happen to you:

  • I had to remove my stickers saying no toll road
  • I had to remove my hat saying no toll road
  • I had papers  notes and questions removed out of my purse and discarded
  • I was told not to speak or the police would be called
  •  I did not provide video remarks because of the consent form gave the TCA the absolute right to modify my statement
  • had your personal information and that of your children displayed on the Getmovingoc website. I had the information of me and my family which could include minor children online for everyone to see
  • I  had the police called on me at the TCA meeting without any reason
  • I was in a photo of me that was published illegally
  • I am the owner of a copyrighted photo that was published illegally
  • I  had to spread my  legs in an inappropriate manner
  • I  was separated by gender during my search
  • I  was denied using a visual aid during a TCA Board meeting or a meeting involving TCA board members
  • I , was corralled in a free speech zone
  • I had the police called on my requirement for entry or at the last TCA meeting after protesting about the removal and confiscation of personal notes (not 12 inch signs)
  • I was displayed in cartoons that were racially insensitive or mocked me.
  • I was one of the last persons to enter the auditorium during the June 5th meeting.
  • I witnessed other people that did not have to go through this invasive procedure during the June 5th meeting
  • If you had your items confiscated

The ACLU wants to hear from you regarding June 5th or any other event involving the TCA or the Board of Supervisors.

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 Also, we are looking for video of that day, especially the searches and the people conducting the searches. Please reply below if you have any video of the searches and people conducting the searches.