Please take  the time to fill out this form and email the OCTA let them know we need to ask them not to allow the TCA to continue. We need the stop supporting the TCA and dissolve them.

The OCTA Legislative and Communications Committee Meeting is 11/16/17. Please tell them No more support of TCA!

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I am aware that Barbie Daly from the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) is coming to make a comment about TCA collaboration with Caltrans and OCTA. In the agenda, TCA has concerns about the staff report being modified to remove supportive language of TCAs so called mission to find mobility solutions in South Orange County. Please remember that TCA only builds toll roads so it is very likely they will push for their toll road extension over other less invasive mobility options such as improving mass transit, new arterials, and future technologies such as self-driving cars. Also on the agenda, TCA has concerns that it is not recognized for its so called collaborative efforts between Caltrans and OCTA to determine the 20 mobility solutions that were put forth by the public. Again, I question the public's involvement in choosing these routes, as it appears the only support the TCA has from its paid consultants. To date the TCA has not had any meaningful public input, in fact they have been practicing opposition suppression on a regular basis. All of the proposed options would be catastrophic and build through existing neighborhoods, over our homes, parks, schools and destroy our ridgelines and trails, not acceptable, one route would affect over 9,000 homes. Thousands of residents attended the 3rd Public Forum on June 5th at Saddleback College in opposition where the TCA did not make accommodations for the public they had invited. The concerned residents in South Orange County are in utter shock that a toll road company with a questionable financial past (including a massive tax bailout of 1.1 Billion Dollars and junk bond status) would have any support of politicians and transportation agencies that would allow them to disrespect hard working concerned residents and destroy the quality of life fo so many with an economically discriminating underused toll road. Darell Issa, Pat Bates, William Brough, CAPO Unified Schools District and Rancho Mission Viejo have all come out AGAINST the proposed toll road routes.

Please DO NOT give TCA any continued support in their mission. The solutions are not useless toll roads as that is becoming an outdated, obsolete mode of transportation. Look at the future....Congress is speeding up bills to make it possible to buy a driver-less car in California by 2020. I have even discussed in prior emails, such subtle changes like LED speed limit signs to adjust to traffic, new arterials if needed to connect to major arterials, make Amtrak/Metrolink trains more convenient to use during summer weekends. On the radio, Los Angeles is advertising its purple line Metro trains and construction on that line resulting in road closures. If a major metropolitan county such as Los Angeles isn't building more highways/toll roads why should we? 6 areas are trying to take down their freeways since economic blight follows freeways. Please remove any 241 extension plans from all master plans and let the TCA know it is time they start paying down the debt - unsuccessful business do not get to expand. Many are concerned about affordable housing in Orange County - please keep in mind the development fees the TCA takes for all homes and remodels and know this is one factor that drives up our housing costs in Southern California. Also, the Toll Road are underused - if the TCA was truly concerned about mobility they would make the toll roads free on the weekends to really get cars moving.

We support mobility solutions in Orange County - free arterials - expand the arterials that needs to be expanded. Do not let the TCA build another underused road. Cal Trans has in the past let the freeways deteriorate to try and drive ridership onto the toll roads - this is unacceptable.

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