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I ask that the TCA be dissolved and that no 241 extension should be considered or studied. The TCA has languished for 18 years, and in its failure to complete any 241 extension according to the Master Highway Plan, the TCA has become obsolete and should not have eminent domain powers to weave through existing neighborhoods or build in such close proximity to schools.

Further, the TCA economically discriminates against a majority of the population and has continuously broken promises to the public. According to original projections, the 73 toll road was supposed to be free by now. Instead, with mismanagement and constant refinancing, the toll roads seem destined to never be free.

Operational control of our underused overpriced toll roads should be turned over to our local OCTA where the priority should be paying down the bond debt. OCTA has an excellent track record of promises made and promises kept, and the work performed actually meets the needs of the traffic patterns in Orange County. OCTA’s projects are subject to voter approval and bring the community together for necessary improvements, not special interest pet projects. We appreciate OCTA's work with preserving open space and the quality of life that brings Orange County residents.

In addition, the residents in South Orange County do not under any circumstance support tolled managed lanes being added to the 5 freeway ever.

One important request is that each South Orange County city has a seat at the table with OCTA for planning and projects, and that South Orange County has equal voting representation to that of North Orange County. We support roads widened only when capacity has been met. We support east to west arterials and cities working together for mobility projects with OCTA. We do not support new toll roads.

Thank you OCTA for your fine work.

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