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I am writing to you to request that you dissolve the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) and come up with innovative solutions to California’s mobility issues. The enormous amount of money that has been spent on transportation in California with abysmal results can’t continue. Let’s make California, a state to which others want to model, not a money pit with no tangible results.

The TCA wants to extend the underused and debt laden 241 toll road. Opposition to this road has persistent for over 15 years, including multiple lawsuits. The TCA languishes with very troubled financial past, consisting of junk bonds, a $ 1.1 Billion Dollar tax payer bailout and numerous refinances. The TCA pays next to nothing of the $ 11 Billion of Dollars owed and is fiscally irresponsible. That is about $ 215 Million Dollars of debt per mile of the 51 miles of toll road. Recently the City of San Clemente had a hike through the neighborhood hills which showed one of the TCA’s proposed toll road routes. We learned about the impacts for the proposed 241 toll road extension. The naturalist pointed out the flora and fauna. The beautiful yellow mustard on the hills was planted by the Franciscan missionaries to show the way between the missions in California. The mustard path was called El Camino Real – the royal or path of gold road.

Unfortunately, a different type of gold emerged in California.Caltrans was awarded the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer“Golden Fleece Award” for what they describe as a “$10 Billion Dollar highway robbery.” Billions in waste, lying to lawmakers, and multiple deferred maintenance projects were factors in CalTrans’ receipt of the dubious honor. This seems to be the case also with TCA with millions going to marketing and PR firms vs. actual mobility improvements or paying down the high level of debt. The debt is very concerning as puts all of Orange County and California in great financial risk.

The TCA has always only built through open space, now the TCA’s proposes to weave through existing neighborhoods which will destroy the character of entire cities and quality of life for all of South Orange County creating an urban hellscape. The TCA was once needed when Sacramento ignored South Orange Counties transportation needs as the land was all open and the population low, this is no longer the case and the TCA is a redundant out of control agency with no oversight. Not one more inch should be built and the Orange County Board of Supervisors should have the Development Fees collection power stripped from the TCA, as well as the TCA’s power of eminent domain. Unsuccessful businesses do not get to expand why should a fiscally irresponsible quasi-governmental agency that is now obsolete be permitted to?

Residents demand that transportation funds be spent on maintaining and improving existing roads, abolish duplicative agencies such as the TCA, reducing bloated administrative costs and implement true mobility solutions thinking beyond creating one more road and paving over our heritage and our open spaces. Thank you.


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