Highway Robbery – Toll Roads

Read this great article about the Toll Roads and the exuberant tolls and fines they charge.


Here is  a short snippet that speaks tons:

“A decade into California’s toll-road experiment in Orange County, it is painfully obvious that when it comes to the toll roads, a crime—at least figuratively—was committed. The supposed goal for building the roads was to significantly reduce near-intolerable daily traffic. But that’s not what has happened. For example, you would think that the multibillion-dollar 16-mile San Joaquin Hills toll road would have dramatically reduced congestion on nearby Interstate 405 and Interstate 5 when it opened in late November 1996. But according to a Weekly review of daily traffic reports provided by Caltrans, the state’s transportation agency, congestion on the freeways has essentially remained the same or worsened since the tollway opened.”


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