November 1st Action Item


Action Item

Los Patrones is the new road under construction that runs parallel to Antonio Parkway in RMV.  It is being built by the developer Rancho Mission Viejo for the new homes off Ortega Highway. The County will take over this road after it is built from the RMV developer and will be purchased from the RMV Developer with our taxes.  The TCA wants to take it over the new supposed to be free arterial and turn it into a toll road. It is estimated that 22,000 more cars will be on Antonio a day if the Los Patrones is turned into a toll road.  This will bring the 241 extension very close to SJC and SC which will make it easier for the TCA to come and destroy SC or SJC with the damaging options they have proposed.  

Please click on the link to send the letter to our elected officials to ask Los Patrones to remain free and not a toll road.

The most important action item – please click to request Protective Legislation which would take away eminent domain powers from the TCA and not allow them to build so close to schools and through our neighborhoods open space.

TCA Monthly Meeting has been cancelled for November – mark your calendars for 

Thursday, December 14 at 9:30 am – 1:30 pm 

125 Pacifica, Irvine, California 92618

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