October 23rd Action Plan

Action Plan

Go out and talk to at least 10 people, businesses, friends and family about the 241  Toll Road extenstion issue.

When people ask” What is the solution to South Orange County Mobility the Answer is this: Complete Long Planned Arterials, if and when needed; complete new planned arterials on RMV (including keeping Los Patrones free), complete planned improvement to I-5 in South Orange County and limited additional 1-5 improvements if, when and where needed; and make the existing toll roads Free as soon as possible like the TCA promised originally.


Here are some flyers and documents to use:

Read through them so you know what to say to show why you oppose. Share with them your favorite reason to oppose the 241 Toll Roads.

No Toll Roads in South Orange County

No Toll Roads in San Clemente

Reasons to Oppose the Toll Roads and Who To Contact Flyer

What can YOU Do to stop the 241 Toll Road extension flyer

Save San Clemente Forever flyer








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