October 6th Action Item

Action Item

Call TCA Customer Service and let them know why you do not want the 241 Toll Road connecting to the 5 freeway!! TCA Customer Service’s number is 949-727-4800 (PRESS 6)- note they do not like to spend more than 3 – 5 minutes per call so take your time and ask LOTS of questions. The TCA does not plan on having anymore public forums and we need to share with them our thoughts on the LACK of public input as required by law when tax dollars are used and what you think of the 5 proposed toll road options – thank you please comment at the bottom of the page under “Leave a Reply”

If for some reason you can’t get through try this number as well 949-754-3400

A few questions you can ask:

Why have the rates were increased?

Were the increased rates temporary as the toll road is supposed to be free after 20 years?

What are concerned residents supposed to do now that there are no more public forums? 

Do you know how in debt the TCA is now?

How would like to have a toll road over your house so someone could get to work/beach 2 minutes faster?

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