September 15th Action Plan

Action Item:

Please call or email Eric Becker, Senior Water Resource Control Engineer Program Manager (619) 521-3364 and ask politely that they
REVIEW the following Permit and Revoke the Permit if what is being built is not in compliance with the permit that was issued.

Rancho Mission Viejo “F” Street from “A” Street to Oso Parkway Project Certification No. R9-2014-0144…/2014/R9-2014-0144.pdf

From the The Application:

1) The Ranch stated in its application that there were no “Sensitive Receptors” in the Ranch Plan Area, and (Tesoro Highschool is a sensitive receptor)

The Ranch received a permit to build a FREE ARTERIAL ROAD- the 241 Toll Road Extension which is expressly excluded from the permit seems to be being built as the plans were changed to toll road specifications.…/pro…/2014/R9-2014-0144.pdf…

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