Thank you Doug Applegate, Congressional Candidate for CA-49th district

Thank you Doug Applegate, Congressional Candidate for CA-49th district. You have our vote!

“I am proud to join the citizens of San Clemente and South Orange County in saying NO to the Toll Roads. Toll Roads that bisect our communities, run near schools, and through protected natural space are not the best laid plan. We need to go back to the drawing board and better assess regional transportation issues and how we can plan a future that enhances quality of life, while respecting community, character, and the environment. As a local I see TCA pitting one city against another with the usual divide and conquer tactic. We must stand together. If elected as your Congressman in 2018, I will prioritize working to find thoughtful and environmentally sound transportation solutions for all of Southern California.” – Doug Applegate, Candidate Congress California’s 49th District

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