When people ask” What is the solution to South Orange County Mobility the Answer is this: Complete Long Planned Arterials, if and when needed; complete new planned arterials on RMV (including keeping Los Patrones free), complete planned improvement to I-5 in South Orange County and limited additional 1-5 improvements if, when and where needed; and make the existing toll roads Free as soon as possible like the TCA promised originally.

Alternative Options to having a Toll Road in South Orange County

What is the solution? We don’t know yet. Here is where we start:

1. We don’t tear down houses for toll roads.
2. We don’t build toll roads up against houses, established neighborhoods and on top of and next to schools and parks.
3. Wait until the I-5 construction is finished.
4. Do NEW traffic studies so that the I-5 expansion and La Pata are considered in the numbers.
5. ALL south OC cities work together to come up with a comprehensive arterial road plan that reflects where people actually travel for work.
6. Make Toll Roads a “Free Road” on existing toll roads 73, 261, & 241 to encourage ridership
7. Improve Train/ Bus schedule and prices
8. Extend Car pool lanes to San Clemente
9. South Orange County cannot solve San Diego’s weekend traffic jams

10. Self Driving Cars

11. Build a toll road going east & west from the 241 to the 15 fwy. That’s what the people need! They are driving to get to the 91 fwy or 76 fwy to get to the 15 fwy. TCA would collect more revenue long term and help those people that live and/or work in the 15 fwy corridor! Along with increase property values for those in that area

No additional toll roads are needed – the planned arterials are fine- and the alternative is to limit the high density construction and have them build normal homes on normal lots. The Ranch has way overstepped and everyone in CUSD will experience that this fall because there is not a single new school for the students entering this fall, We should all fight to abolish the TCA- DO you realize the TCA is using CAPITAL APPRECIATION BONDS to pay for this- that is absolutely criminal.

No new Toll Roads – Free Arterial roads

Here are some better options for Transportation


Finish the I-5 freeway


Orange County Register August 19, 2016
Looking northbound at the new section of freeway that will add four lanes to the southbound I-5 at Avenida Pico in San Clemente. Photo by Nick Koon / Staff Photographer.

They have been working on the freeway for years. The construction causes congestion in the San Clemente area. Hurry up and finish the freeway before you do any traffic analysis!

This 5.7-mile freeway widening is scheduled to be finished in early 2018 (fingers crossed). The freeway project extends from Avenida Pico in San Clemente to San Juan Creek Road in San Juan Capistrano. The four-year, $230 million project will:

  • Add a carpool lane in both directions on I-5 from Avenida Pico to San Juan Creek Road;
  • Improve the sight distance on the southbound curve north of PCH;
  • Reconstruct the interchange at Avenida Pico, including widening the northbound Avenida Pico on-ramp to three lanes, and providing dual left-turn lanes to both on-ramps; and
  • Add sound walls where needed.

Freeway update


Get Updates from OCTA


New lanes to open on I-5 in San Clemente



Bus people on weekends from LA to San Diego and Irvine to San Diego and vice Versa. A very nice, comfortable super sized bus.



Instead of spending billions on a project that will be obsolete by the time it is done. TCA should invest in expanding rail options and routes. All these people took the train to the Pier today. It’s like this every weekend during the summer. No Toll road needed for these peeps.

 Self Driving Cars

Lucy Dunn, Toll Road proponent admits what we all know.

The Simplest Solution to Traffic is to Remove Humans Altogether


An Alternative to the Proposed Foothill South Toll Road January 2008

The Refined AIP Alternative Design Modifications to Reduce Displacements

Toll Roads Alternatives that make sense

Connect the 241 to the 15 or 76 as an alternative


California should be looking at innovation and transportation problem solving from other countries.


Do you have a great idea for Transportation Alternatives? Email us at [email protected] We appreciate any community feedback!