I-5 Traffic Reports

I encourage you to view and download Traffic Data from Sig Alert or Google Traffic to understand where the REAL traffic problems are in Orange County and they are NOT in San Clemente.
Do you know that only 2% of all OC residents work in San Diego?
How can ANY of the proposed routes that connect to the 5, right in the middle of a natural bottleneck due to a bend in the terrain IN SAN CLEMENTE will work? None of the proposed routes make any sense at this point.
I have asked for your traffic data in several of my emails, and have yet to receive one single response back from any of you. Where is the data that you are basing that these routes as necessary? How can you make that statement when as you can see from the photos, there is still construction on the 5.

Toll option is actually LONGER!

The video below is from Memorial weekend, which had VERY LIGHT Traffic this whole weekend. Do you guys know that San Clemente implemented a Trolley System this weekend with great success? Perhaps other transportation modalities should be taken into consideration before bulldozing our historical cities.

Rancho Santa Maragrita’s Tony Beall is always pushing for us to have the toll road – yet the SCAG report for RSM show the time to work has actually decreased


The map below shows most of the I-5 traffic is north of Ortega. Traffic volumes around Ortega range between 262,000-281,000 vehicles per day and then traffic volumes drop considerably (almost by 50%) as you head south into San Clemente where it drops all the way down to 133,000 vehicles per day near the Orange County/San Diego border in southwest San Clemente.

Look at the traffic numbers along SR-241 between RSM and Ladera. The ridership drops as you head south to Ladera Ranch along the SR-241. It is around 18,000 in RSM and drops all the way down to 8,000 where the toll road ends in Ladera Ranch. In contrast to SR-73, where you see pretty high numbers between 40,000 – 79,000 vehicles per day.

If you build it, traffic congestion will come!

Katy Freeway Houston Texas – 26 lanes

Below are Sig Alerts by daily commuters

August 29th 5:30pm

August 11 7:36am

August 9 5:30pm

August 9th 7:36am

August 8th 7:39am

July 31st 7:37am


July 28 7:36am

July 27 5:36pm

July 27 7:41am

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July 26 5:22pm

July 26 4:50pm

July 25 7:41am

July 24 5:28pm

July 24 7:38am

July 20 7:47am

July 19 5:34pm

July 17 5:25pm

July 17 7:36am

July 16 6pm


July 14 7:34am

July 13 5:25pm

No Traffic Here! No Toll Roads Wanted or Needed. San Clemente commute North to Santa Ana

July 13 7:35am

July  12 7:43am

July 11 5:30pm

July 11 7:33am

July 10 5:25pm


July 10 8:36am

July 7 7:34am

July 6  7:33am

July 5 5:34pm

July 5 7:33am

July 4 3:03pm

July 4 9:32am

July 3 5:20pm

July 2 2:02pm

July 1st Evening

July 1 3:38pm

June 30 5:17pm

June 30 7:40am

June 30 7:40am


June 26 7:32am

June 24 12pm

June 24 10:06am

How would a Toll Road “help” this?

June 22 5:26pm

June 22 4:46pm

Sure lets dump more traffic right at the worst part of the traffic build up #notmytollroad

June 20 7:32am

June 19 7:39am

June 16 7:31am

June 15 7:33am

June 14 5:15pm

No Traffic!

June 14 7:33am

June 13

No Traffic!

June 13 4:30pm

June 12 8:14am

June 11 3:27pm

June 10 8:10pm

June 10 6:30pm

Photo Credit Danielle Erin

June 10 10:04am

June 9 7:35am

June 7 5:23pm

June 6 7:37am

June 3 11am

June 2 7:41am

June 1 5:12pm

June 1 7:34am

May 31st 7:31am

May 19th