Everyone in South Orange County will be affected but those who will be affected the most are our children. People who live in San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo and San Clemente would be the ones who would be most impacted by the proposed Toll Routes.

What schools would the Routes affect?

Proposed Toll Road Route through San Clemente High School. Courtesy of Dylan CookThe Toll Roads run past 8 of our schools and some are within 500 feet. It has been proven that freeway pollution leads to increase in childhood asthma as well as Leukemia.

San Juan Hills High School would be near the Toll Road proposed route 6

Tesoro High School would be within 500 feet. They are planning on turning the current public free Los Patrones into a Toll Road

Esencia Elementary school in Ranhco Mission Viejo is set to open Fall of 2018 would be right next to a Toll Road. Why can’t they keep the Road a Free Public road we all pay taxes for?

Route 13, 14 & 17 would affect these schools: San Juan Hills High School, Vista Del Mar Elementary School, Marblehead Elementary School, Bernice Ayers Middle School, Truman Benedict Elementary School, and San Clemente High School.

In 2003, California passed a law that freeways can’t be constructed 500 feet from schools. Living near a freeway has detrimental effects on learning, lung capacity and higher risks of cancer.

What Neighborhoods would the routes affect?

Home values located close to Toll Roads are 10-30% lower than homes in communities not affected by Toll Roads.


Route 13: Coast 1,062 Homes, Shorecliffs 500 Homes, Forster Ranch 1,314 Homes, Del Cabo 50 Homes, & SeaPointe 258 Homes TOTAL 3,184 Homes

Route 14: Broadmoor 201 Homes, Rancho San Clemente 1,803 Homes, Mandalay 60 Homes, Pacific Crest 84 Homes, Marblehead 995 Homes, The Reserves 419 Homes, Forster Highlands 618 Homes, Forster Ranch 1,314 Homes, Talega 3,322 Homes TOTAL 8,968 Homes

(data courtesy of  First American Title Company)

Rancho San Clemente Master Association (14 HOA’s):
Bella Vista (76); Brisa Del Mar (88); Harbor View (216); Montego (133); Pacific
Shores (130); Richmond Pointe (204); Rancho Cristianitos (43); Seacrest (123); Sea
Ridge (45); Vilamoura (198); Villagio I (114); Villagio II (86); Vista Pacifica
(264); Avana (83); Total residential units. = 1803.
(updated corrected data 5/26/2017 courtesy of Vonne Barnes, RSCCA Board President)

Here are some visual mockups of what it would look like. Forget your beautiful ocean views, it would be a ugly concrete jungle view.

What parks would they affect?

Vista Hermosa Sports Park. Imagine a Concrete jungle next to our kids playing soccer, football and baseball. #notmytollroad

Vista Hermosa Sports Park

Vista Del Sol Park

Forster Ranch Community Park

Liberty Park

Verde Park

Tierra Grande Park

Rancho San Clemente Park

Courtney’s Sandcastle Universally Accessible Playground

Bonito Canyon Park

Richard T. Steed Memorial Park

Talega Park

San Luis Rey Park

San Gorgonio Park

Vista Bahia Park

What Trails would they affect?

Our open space is at stake as two concrete freeways larger than The Golden Gate Bridge will be your new view as you hike your favorite ridge line trail.

Photo Courtesy of Todd Newton

Las Ramblas Trail

Forster Ranch Ridgeline Trail

Prima Deschecha Regional Trail

Rancho San Clemente Ridgeline Trail

Cristianitos Regional Trail/San Clemente Summit

Ladera Ranch Trail


What is at Stake:

•Devastating effects to neighborhoods and community cohesion by bisecting our Cities
•Increases noise, traffic, and visual impacts
•May seize homes and/or business properties through eminent domain
•Threatens previously mitigated land already “given up” by developers to complete projects
•Decreases property values by as much as 30%, per local realtor analysis, and owners could lose tax basis if forced to move
•Destroys open hills and ocean views, hiking trails, and canyons
•Proposed extensions run by 6 schools: Marblehead Elementary, Vista Del Mar Elementary and Middle School, San Juan Hills High School, San Clemente High School, Tesoro High School, & upcoming RMV Esencia K-8.
•Towers above children’s parks: Vista Hermosa Sports Park, Courtney’s Sandcastle, Verde Park, Forster Ranch Community Park & Marblehead Park
•Dangerous environmental impacts to air quality, local wildlife, and coastal sage scrub
•Endangers the extremely-threatened mountain lion and other environmentally sensitive species, flora, and habitats
•Compromises watersheds of San Clemente, San Juan and Deshecha, with equal or greater impact as San Mateo
•Ignores repeated permit denials by Water Board and Coastal Commission
•Increased risk of brush fires started by vehicle crashes
•Cost to build could exceed 1 billion dollars yet only provide minimal traffic relief
•The Toll Road is NOT free. Development fees are basically a tax


Get Involved to Stop this before South Orange County becomes road kill.